29 January 2015 11:18

Super League announces that by virtue of the statements of former FC OFI players Jorge Lopez and Jordi Lopez Pelpeto that were sent to Super League by the same and also by the Hellenic Football Federation, players did not receive significant amounts of money (due and payable monthly instalments) as designated by decision Nr 66/2013 and decision Nr 76/2013 of the Court of Arbitration of Hellenic Football Federation (Ordinary Arbitration Division). The two players in their aforementioned statements requested (as foreseen by the relevant regulations) the imposition of the sanctions foreseen in said decisions against OFI FC.


Therefore, Super League based on the relevant regulations and taking into consideration that within the legal deadline such sums were not paid out and in compliance with the aforementioned decisions, hereby announces the deduction of two (2) points as a result of decision Nr 66/2013 of the Ordinary Arbitration Division and two (2) more points as a result of decision Nr 76/2013 of the Ordinary Arbitration Division, as well as the exclusion of the match "Atromitos FC – OFI FC" that was scheduled for Sunday 01/02/2015 at 17:15. In the event that the relevant amounts are not paid in full, all subsequent matches of OFI FC will not be staged.


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